The Law Offices of Richard W. Landoll offers comprehensive representation for businesses, including start-ups, employee issues, lawsuits, non-competes and collection matters.

CORPORATE FORMATION:  Making the decision to form a business can be one of the most exciting and confusing times of your life.  As business owners ourselves, we understand this and work very hard to harness the excitement and curtail the confusion.  It is truly a joy for us to meet with you, learn your plans and inform you of your options.  Whether you decide to form a sole proprietorship, corporation, S-corporation, limitied liability company (L.L.C.), partnership or non-profit organization, it is imperative that you obtain sound legal representation from the very outset.

EMPLOYEE ISSUES:  While employees are vital to an organization, care must be taken when employee issues arise.  Failing to abide by federal, state and local laws can have a devestating effect on your business.  Our experience has shown that most of such issues could have either been prevented or mitigated through proper planning and procedures.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss any employee-related issue you may have.

LAWSUITS:  When you are in business, it is not a question of IF you will be sued, but rather WHEN.  We represent businesses in litigation as both Plaintiffs and Defendants on a wide arrary of matters including contract disputes, employee issues and injunctions.  If your business is in need of litigation assistance please feel free to call and discuss how we may be able to help.

COLLECTION MATTERS:  In this economy is is becoming more difficult for businesses to get paid for the products and services that they have delivered.  We offer an alternative to the "large collection firm" way of doing business by providing personalized service to our business clients.  Please call us to discuss how we might be able to tailor a program to suit your needs. 

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