Attorney Richard W. Landoll is one of the few attorneys whose domestic relations practice focuses primarily on the representation of men in matters of divorce, custody and support.  In an environment where old gender stereotypes still pervade our system, it is important to have an advocate who is experienced and committed to helping children maintain a positive relationship with their fathers.   

A few questions are commonly asked of Attorney Landoll regarding his advocacy for fathers:

Why do you  focus primarily on the representation of men in your domestic practice? 

The role that fathers play in the lives of their children is uniquely vital to the child's well-being.  Unfortunately, there are still people in our system who are satisfied to relegate a father to the role of being a visitor and a paycheck.  As a father of four myself, I understand that working to maintain the parenting relationship between father and child is one of the most important issues for which I advocate.

Do you also represent women?

I do not refuse to represent anyone merely because of their gender and do represent female clients on occasion on a case-by-case basis.  However, the vast majority of my clients are men.

Do fathers ever get custody of their children?

Yes.  Even though old sterotypes are still present, Courts are willing to grant custody to a father when it is proper to do so.   However, these cases need proper preparation and presentation.  The emergence of shared parenting has been another avenue for fathers to obtain custody rights and, in the right circumstance, can provide a father with outstanding opportunities to have a positive parenting relationship with his children.

If you are deciding on retaining a lawyer to help you through these important issues, we encourage you to speak with a couple of attorneys as well as with Mr. Landoll.  We believe you will find his demeanor and approach to fathers' rights to be unique and deserving of your consideration. 

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